BIRTH: Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah far-famed as Dada Miyan (R.U.A.) was born on Monday, 25th of Rabiul-Awwal, 1284 Hijri in Village- Bhainsodi Shareef, Rampur, UP, India. His holy mother, who herself was very religious, pious and devoted Muslim says that when Hazrat Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah R.U.A. was born, due to his holy personality, there was enormous growth, progress and prosperity flourished all around. "Our whole house was glowing with his glorious presence", She added. And three signs of saintliness and holiness were noticed since his birth. First, he always stayed away from childhood games and fun. Second, at the age of 4 years and 4 months he recited Bimillah Shareef (to start read to holy Quran) and last, in the next few years he got perfection in Islamic and universal studies.